Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day

I arrived!!!! My flight actually landed early (Monday at 3:05 pm, Israel time). I got through passport control and customs with ease, but my big blue backpack which I was required to check in Cleveland got lost somewhere along the way. Luckily, I kept the receipt so I filed a lost bag claim. They assured me that it would arrive within the next day or two and that they would deliver it directly to Kibbutz Ketura (that's where I will be studying for the next few months). I don't really need anything in the bag except for maybe sunglasses and my camera, but I'll survive until Thursday when I travel down to the kibbutz.

I took a taxi to my friend Dor's apartment in Tel Aviv. The taxi driver was ridiculous. She kept texting and adjusting the GPS, resulting in drifting and honking. Nevertheless, we had a 20-something minute conversation in Hebrew, so that was good practice.

I'm staying with Dor until Thursday morning, when I will meet up with a small group travelling South to Kibbutz Ketura. I'm going to try to attach a map of Israel to this post for reference.

Today I basically had nothing to do because Dor went to school at 8:30 so I walked along the coast and hung out on some beaches. I met up with Dor after school and we chilled/played basketball. It was a good first day, but I'm really looking forward to Thursday when I go South to Kibbutz Ketura.

By the way, I got my cell phone number. I won't have it until later this week, but here are the numbers (both numbers connect to my phone, so use the 216 number if you are in the US):

050-202-4096, 216-539-4520

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  1. saw my name but no photo of gram yet i'll try to enter one if I find out how! LOVE enjoy 5770